29. Amminadab

Amminadab - O Chosen ones,

Nahshon       - The branch will swiftly come

Salmon         - and he will reward us with his peace

Boaz              - and he will give us his strength

Amminadab = kingsman, noble one

1 Chro 2:10 - And Ram begat                         Amminadab

King’s Rewards

1 Chro 2:10 - ..and Amminadab                           begat Nahshon

Nahshon = darter, snake-bird

Ruth 4:20 - and Nahshon begat                    Salmon,

Salmon = peaceful rewarder

Ruth 4:21 - And  Salmon begat                     Boaz,

   Boaz = swiftness, strength        

 30. Nahshon     

31. Salmon

32. Boaz

Oh Chosen Ones, the branch will swiftly come, and he will reward us

With his peace and he will give us his strength.

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