Meaning of Names in the Genealogy of Jesus:

There were 70 names from Elohim to Jesus the Christ.

1. Failure of the first Adam

Elohim: The red earth that I formed had been changed into a frail and sickly possession

2. The Promised Seed

When Eloihim’s glory shall come down, he will teach us through his death and humiliation ..

3. The Kingdom of Ur

The glory of the land of Ur, all its empires, their fall and their rise and expansion, ..

4. The coming of the Branch

Look! The branch is coming! The sound of their horses snorting, the energy, speed of ..

5. The Victory of the Branch

I will praise Yahweh, For the branch overcometh the wall of separation between us and ..

6. The King’s Reward

Oh Chosen Ones, the branch will swiftly come, and he will reward us with his peace and ..

7. The King’s Rule

The branch ,who served and worshipped Yahweh, the only true One, he was beloved and ..

8. Yahweh’s Judgement

Yahweh is my father who will heal me from my sickness because He had judged me favourably.

9. Grasped by Yahweh

Let Yahweh be exalted who had grasped me from the pit of death and cleanse me ..

10. Yahweh’s Possession

Yahweh is my strength and my perfection and He will take hold of me. Yahweh will ..

11. Yahweh is Hidden in our Idolatry ..

He will be hidden in our idolatry but surely, Yahweh will save us. He will ..

12. Babylonian Captivity and Redemption

Yahweh had established us to be bound into captivity and Elohim lent us to ..

13. The New Creation

Let my father be praised.  Elohim will raise up a helper, the righeous one.

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