59. Abiud = father of Praise

A helper

62. Zadoc=  fair, righteous

His new creation

Who awaits for the coming child.

Let my Father be praised

The new creation

Elohim will raise up

That He will surely give us

The righteous one

 69. Mary = wish-for-child

60. Eliakim = El raised up

61. Azor      = helper

Let my father be praised.  Elohim will raise up a helper, the righteous one

Yahweh has judged, even in his greatness, that he will surely give us His new creation.  

It will be given to us, and to all those, who awaits for the coming child. Yahweh is salvation

63. Achim = Jah will judge

Yahweh is salvation

And also to all those

64. Eliud = EL of majesty, greatness

65. Eleazar= El has helped, supported

66. Matthan = Gift

67. Jacob = Supplanter

It will be given to us

68 Joseph = Jah add/give increase

Even in his greatness

70. Jesus = Yah is salvation        

Yahweh has judged

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