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Question and Answer:

a. Who is Melchizedek

b. Who is the anti-Christ

c. Mark of Cain

d. Nimrod - Jesus - Obama

e. Nimrod - Obama

f. Fall of Babylon

g. Magi and Jesus Star

h. Magi and Herod

i. 51 Weeks John Ministry

j. 8th Course of Abijah

k. 430 Years - Abraham to Exodus

l. 1st Temple - Jesus - 3rd Temple

m. One Year Noah's Great Flood"

n. 55 Weeks Jesus Ministry

o. Mary's Pregnancy

p. Fibonacci Sequence of 10 Planets

q. Jacob 12 sons in Egypt

r. Melchizedek

s. Jesus Bar Mitzvah

t. Death of Adam to Death of Jesus

u. Tishri 1, 7 BC to 1 AD